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We are the world’s leading organization of active young citizens and we provide development opportunities that create positive change in our members and our society.

Development Opportunities

Would you be better off at work if you had superior skills in…


Leaders set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new.

Accounting & Budgeting

Accountants speak the “language of business” and measure an organization’s economic activities.

Event Planning

Event planners coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events to impress guests.

Public Speaking

Public Speakers transmit information and tell a story to motivate people to act.


Marketing provides the link to building long-term relationships with society.


Advertisers promote and communicate a message to the masses through various forms of media.

Civic Engagement

Citizens working together to make a change or difference in the community.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Managers work with volunteers to help achieve an organisation’s objectives.

Did you know that several U.S. Presidents were Jaycees? Junior Chamber International (JCI) has several business skill development opportunities available to gain experience in a nurturing environment. What will you become?

It’s actually about fun

While we empower young people to take ownership of their communities, we also have tons of fun!

General Membership Meetings

Our meetings are business and fun

LTU 2017

Leadership training in Pasadena, CA

Awards & Installation Dinner

Party & new members inducted into JCI


We’re happy to be sponsored by companies that have an interest in the success and development of our future leaders.

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